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I have over 12 years experience in the field of mental, sexual, and reproductive health. Maybe more importantly I am a mom and understand what it is like to struggle and then thrive with navigating sex before, during, and after pregnancy. My goal is to use my expertise to engage your audience and help them increase their knowledge, skills, and comfort surrounding sex and intimacy during the perinatal period.

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Possible topics

• Increase Your Self Pleasure With Quick, Practical Tips
• What You Need to Know: Sex Before, During, and After Pregnancy
• Preconception Care 101
• What is Sex Coaching?
• Consent Begins With Infancy
• How to Create Your Reproductive Life Plan

Other Topics Upon Request. View CV for experience and other topics.

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I earned my Masters of Education Degree from Widener University where I learned how to make customized lesson plans, curricula, and workshops. Tell me what your goals are for your group and hire me to ensure they meet them. I specialize in interactive activities and having fun while providing evidence based information.

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Possible workshops

Sex and Self Care
Bringing Baby Home Parent Workshop
Let's Talk About Sex: Oral, Game Night, Self Pleasure Editions
Circles of Sexuality
Cultivating Healthy Relationships at Any Age

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